Dynamic pricing has arrived, and if you aren’t careful you may be paying more than you should be.

But, with a few simple techniques you can make sure you always find the best price online.

We’ve been involved in e-commerce for over a decade and have written up all the ways stores prevent you from finding the best price online.

At this point most of us have developed our online price comparison routine. First, we check our favorite website that we assume always has the cheapest prices.

Next, we either purchase the product without price comparing or paste the product title into our favorite search engine, usually Google Shopping, to see if there is a better price.

However, more often than not this fails to find the cheapest price. That is because online shopping is intentionally designed to make price comparison challenging.

You can see from the random sample of products in the photo above that depending on the product, different stores can have the best price and these prices are constantly changing.

On top of changing prices, retail websites deliberately choose what product details to show or not show. The goal is to make their product appear “unique” and prevent users from easily finding the same product on competitors’ websites. Common tricks include hiding the UPC code or changing the title.

In order to always make sure you are getting the best price, it’s important to check all major retail stores and try different variations of titles. Even one step above that could be to try a reverse image search.

The easiest way to always get the best price is to use a price comparison tool like Compass that applies these techniques automatically and instantly while you shop.